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By Diva (anonymous) | Posted October 23, 2009 at 11:30:38

Really? You are truly an embarrassment. You want me to believe that tens of millions of dollars of investment in my neighborhood is a bad thing! Lol. I did a search on all your comments on this site and frankly you are pathetic. You are the type of person that is not happy unless your miserable and in the process you try to drag everyone down with you. Your self esteem issues and feelings of inadequacies need to be address from a therapeutic stand point. Your back seat driver approach is a sad state of affairs. Perhaps you should come out of your blog closet and run for office rather then hiding behind pseudo names advising me who I should support and telling me what I should like or dislike. Its people like you that create the apathy in ur community. Get involved during the process rather then complaining after the fact and get some help because I think at least your mother loves you!! Btw if you choose to run for office you should run against Merulla much better people have tried and he has embarrassed all of them with the same uneducated opinion of him that you are so verbose abut. I recognize he is loud and sometimes obnoxious but he works day and night for us and he is the most prolific councillor as it pertains to initiatives.


Dee Rothsay

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