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By Cityjoe (anonymous) | Posted October 27, 2009 at 20:06:53

You can't get people to take public transit by providing Awful service. You have to make public transit Usable. It can't just be there to say that you have it & leave it at that.

Taking 3 1/2 hours to get to work Isn't a viable or sensible option for anybody, & not being able to get there at all on Sundays, or on midday shifts doesn't make any sense either. I would think that would be obvious to anybody.

Dear Country Joe & yer Feesh. I am an advocate of public transit, & intercity rapid & have been since Forever (or at least from before you've been on this board) . What I'm saying is Hamilton is decades behind most comparable cities. It doesn't quite get public transit or it's importance in keeping a city's pollution levels down, & providing a better quality of life for everyone.

(Hamilton's current idea of public transit IS much like Toronto's in the 50's. A route must pay for itself from day one or we scrap it. All public transit leads to The Mall, not downtown, to the bus terminal, the airport, nor does it connect with any bus that does take you other places. This was the 50's mentality of Toronto Transit & current HSR. Bus service was a neighbouhood affair & service went in a little circuit to The Mall & back. We are a City now, & it's time public transit reflected that.

As a matter of fact I am in Favour of Public Transit, & intercity services such as GO. However since I don't have any HSR to speak of, I can't really use it can I? I wish I could!
...So you might wanna back off Fish & muzzle yer Blackberry & yer preconceived notions.

HSR is not a failed corperation because it requires taxpayers dollars. Most city transit system require tax dollar as well as money from the fares, & provincial money if/when given. There are places that even provide free transit

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