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By schmadrian (registered) | Posted October 28, 2009 at 11:57:46

"Some see it as a lower-city shuttle service for the working poor, and these cyclical fare-hike flare-ups do little to counter that POV."

Admittedly, I have a rep as Mr. Contrarian. But I ask this question as a Hamiltonian, as a bus-using resident, and as a lifetime car non-owner...even if it might seem as if I'm entering the discussion at a point late in the game with observations and questions that might be handled by some sort of FAQ...

What is the intent of the HSR?

In other words, what's the ideal result of public transit in this city? Ryan, what kind of scenario would put a smile on your face? I'm not going to get into the facts and figures, the revenue or ridership numbers; I'm talking basics here...because I think there are certain truths that get ignored in this discussion, ones that few people want to recognize, because they essentially render the well-intentioned dialogue to be moot.

Thanks in advance.

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