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By Really? (registered) | Posted October 28, 2009 at 13:12:24

"Queen 501 route-splitting project"

  • Waste of Time & Money, needs to be eliminated.

"I recently had to plan a trip to Mel Lastman Square. When I got to the web site I was frustrated by the complete lack of navigational aid available (hint to TTC web developers: a 'plan your trip' link might be useful)."

  • They aren't even in sync with GoogleMaps Transit (HSR is though, and it's pretty useful)

"Another problem: I frequently need to travel in a diagonal direction"

-Or across even, at least in North Toronto. Example, I have a friend that lived at Islington & Rexdale, but had to get to work at Sheppard & Vic Park. He had to bus it down to Bloor, Subway it to Yonge/Bloor Stn, transfer onto the Yonge Line to Sheppard, where he had to transfer again onto the Sheppard line to Don Mills, then transfer yet again onto another bus to Vic Park. So it's either Drive 30mins along the 401 right across (which is packed with congestion through North Toronto), or suffer the 1.5hr, 4 transfer Public Trasit Trip.

The TTC may not be perfect, but it funcrtions well, IMO anyway (well, despite that stupid slow-down between Keele & Dundas West). And the 'Rapid' aspect is probably the only thing that makes it functional!

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