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By Really? (registered) | Posted October 28, 2009 at 14:28:54

schmadrian >> "It's a question of changing a value system."

^^ I agree 100%!

But how can we change these people's attitudes if we don't give them choice!? Toronto's roads may be congested b/c there are only two central Subway Lines (Sheppard & SRT don't count as they strictly cater to suburbs, primarily).

Toronto is FINALLY building a Crosstown Rapid Transit Line (Eglinton LRT), along with 6 other Light Rail lines across the whole City, both North-South & East-West. That, imo, is still not enough. They need a Downtown Relief Line as the 'inner-U' of the subway is usually standing room only during rush hours, if you can even get on (yes, subway fly-bys happen).

Hamilton's ideal situation (to start with) would have the B-Line (Main St), A-Line (James/Upper James), C-Line (Mohawk Rd). That, along with efficient feeder buses, would provide those with an alternative to a personal vehicle, again, aslong as they're as Safe, Efficient & Comfortable as a personal vehicle. Throw in the cost difference (~$100/mth for HSR Pass compared to Driving Costs (payments, insurance, gas, maintenance, ?parking?). It's the City's job to educate those who are ignorant towards public transit and attract new riders, but Hamilton Fails there as well.

Another way of generating more revenue is to perhaps sell ad space on and within buses. Currently, I'd say 50-75% of ads in buses now are City ads (ie: Sex Health Clinics, 'Graffitti is a Crime', etc.) while the remaining are either Public Interest ads (ie: Transit Prayers) and maybe an ad for a local Credit Union.

It just seems to me that no one wants to put an effort and actually come up with a proper solution, but rather keep slapping more and more bandaids on, hoping the Next Generation will take care of the problems? That's a Baby Boomer attitude --which a lot of City Staff & Council are-- and will not change until enough of them retire, quit, or are terminated and are replaced with younger, more logical thinkers who actually do give a damn about this City!!

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