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By stoccato (registered) | Posted October 28, 2009 at 22:42:23

There are many trails offered by the Hamilton Conservation Area and the Royal Botanical Gardens. Unfortunately, there seems to be no reasoning with the folks that run these trails. Recently we suggested that HCA designate a few trails as leash free for part of the day (e.g. morning hours) and even assess a higher fee for use of these trails to help support any monitoring or maintenance costs. One HCA employee seemed to like the idea. The head of HCA, however, completely dismissed the idea -- although he admitted that the biggest issue he faces are dogs being off leash. Unfortunately, instead of becoming a part of the solution, he seems to want to see the problem to continue.

It is also sad that Hamilton cannot follow the lead of Mississauga (see which established many years ago a nonprofit that works in cooperation with the city to establish quality leash free areas.

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