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By frank (registered) | Posted October 30, 2009 at 10:35:57

Ok, funniest thing ever:

ASmith> "Madmatt can't you answer the question directly?" hahah!!

Anyway, I grew up around cars with my dad being a mechanic. I love cars and by definition I should be part of the car-centric culture. However, I HATE having to drive downtown. I'd much rather hop on a bus or train to get there. The problem is that it takes eons to get to my destination! So, once a viable transit system is in place that can get me downtown in at least relatively close to what it would take in my car, I won't be using it.

As far as 16 year olds wanting their driver's license, that's being taken FAR to literally. A 16 year old doesn't want their license simply so they can drive... it's a sign of independence - an ability to go anywhere when they want to rather than having to wait for mom and dad to drive them there. It has nothing to do with wanting a car although there's the occasional gearhead like me who wants a car. I know many people who are in their 20s with no license because they take the bus all the time. Old people shouldn't comment on young peoples' motives and desires :P

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