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By J Morse (anonymous) | Posted October 31, 2009 at 17:42:10

Just in case I was interpreted as guilt-tripping the rich, I'd like to clarify my position relating to my comments above.

I do not consider myself poor or rich. I do not rely on transit. I own a car. I ride a bike. I use transit. I am not alone in that I am willing to share a little of my modest wealth with my neighbors who need it. I know they are not all lazy slouches feeding off the system. Some perhaps are, but who am I to judge. There are far more people with many complicated reasons they need a bit of a helping hand, most of them are not to be blamed or punished for how they became who they are.

I ask those who refuse to acknowledge that needy people deserve some assistance in our society, how do you justify you viewpoint? I believe you are poor in a much more degrading way, you have low moral wealth, and you need help too.

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