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By grassroots are the way forward (registered) | Posted November 01, 2009 at 04:20:15

A Smith writes: For example, if someone wants to collect welfare, they should be required to wash graffiti off buildings, or help a business owner with a part of their business. If they aren't willing to do that, no money.

Well your plan there is already in effect, you know workfare and now they are pushing volunteering, under threat you will be cut off.

For one thing you cannot force civic engagement. There are many out there who are on the system and they volunteer for many things, they are active because they care about making things better in the future.

The problems with workfare are many, for one thing, your rights as a worker are not always taken into consideration, they use the temp companies, which are notorious for stepping on labour rights and your rights under the occupational health and safety act.

So if you are a single person, who has lost their job due to the economy, you could have either rent or mortgage, utilities, phone, loans, insurance and food oosts. How does $572.00 per month cover your bills? How does that help people who are under stress, when these conditions add more stress. You can be cut off at any time. Wages are penalized at 50%, so if your work is sporadic, any wages earned will be deducted, leaving you short the following month of earnings and if you do not get any work hours, well that just leaves you in more dire straits.

Society already sees your vision and it has been in affect since 1995, and it is not working one bit. To be honest I thnk it would be appropriate that you lost your job, you could not find one and be forced into your "beautiful system". I am sure you would love it, eh!

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