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By geoff's two cents (anonymous) | Posted November 05, 2009 at 00:35:31

I can attest to some of these things as well. Hamilton is the only city I've spent considerable time in where bus drivers will stop whenever they feel like it (occasionally, if I remember correctly, even leaving the buses running) to grab a coffee - even if the bus is completely full.

I also recall a time when a half-full bus drove by the stop by our apartment that we used every day without stopping. The driver was looking down - Our hunch was that he was texting. It just happened to be a day that we had luggage and needed to be downtown in a hurry. . .

Then there is the issue of the disproportionate number of extremely grumpy HSR drivers (Vancouver is my point of comparison) - mitigated, thankfully, by some very nice ones. I recall one especially nasty woman who was very disrespectful to an older woman who did not speak very good English - Her behavior, in fact, was downright racist, and my girlfriend actually complained to the HSR. Obviously, we have no idea whether she was spoken to or not, but she continued to drive the same route (one of the Mac-downtown buses) and continued to be unpleasant.

The moral I took away from the story, for better or worse, was that you'd never get away with this in business. . .

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