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By jason (registered) | Posted November 05, 2009 at 16:39:41

here's a radical thought (in this city where we like to demolish, demolish, demolish) - why don't we build a large park like the one suggested on the MEGA parking district in the NE part of the downtown core. Think John/King William all the way over to Mary/Cannon area.

Like NYC and Boston, Hamilton's core DID develop organically around a park. It's called Gore Park. Current projects underway to recalaim the south leg of the Gore and make more functional use out of the eastern part of the Gore will go a long way to enhance this city centre park.

If the letter writer is looking for somewhere for downtown dwellers to walk their dogs, my above suggestion would suffice. Along with Corktown Park, Beasley Park, Victoria Park, a new park in the King William/John area would be a lot more productive in producing the desired effect of the letter writer than demolishing our only remaining downtown streetscape and historic stock of Gore Park buildings.

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