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By Really? (registered) | Posted November 08, 2009 at 16:57:37

Some people jusy don't get it, and it's unfortunate that it's those individuals who tend to get their pieces published in TheSpec's Op-Ed Section.

Jason is correct; The City is supposed to build a new urban park in the mega-lot at Wilson & John/Hughson. There would be no razing of anything as the lot is currently completely empty. I believe construction was either supposed to start, or finish in 2009?! But this is Hamilton... talk about it talk about it talk about it do nothing move to Burligton.

Rather then getting rid of stuff, maybe we should try something crrrraaazzzy and put things IN???

For example, this bit of land we're referring to (Mega-Lot District aka King William) should be re-rebranded as the Entertainment District. *Put a Big-Box Movie Theatre in the Club 77 empty lot, incorporating 77 into the Theatre as a nightclub --77 actually has 3 clubs. *Parking Garage Structures with street-front retail (more bars, restaurants, cafes) *More Residential (with streetfront retail) *'Central Park', bordered by Wilson-John-Rebecca-Hughson. If A-Line uses Hughson as a Transit Mall, it could stop right infront of this park.

All this, along with a renovated Lister Block, newly streetscaped King William, re-birth of the old Spec Lofts project would definately add excitement to an area that is currently a little scary.

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