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By Johny up the creek (anonymous) | Posted November 10, 2009 at 15:04:32

So I have a 2002 Honda civic and it has a short ram air intake and an after market exhaust.
I get my little envelop in the mail saying goodness its time for you to renew your sticker. Oh joy.
another $76.00 for the year gone on top of all the other great things we MUST pay for these days.
So I go at my convenience to a services Ontario machine in my mall and apply for a new sticker. To my surprise it asks me for my drive clean number. uh... ?
it would seem that someone failed to send me the little folded up piece of paper that states i require an E- Test before i can acquire a new sticker.
With two days till my sticker expires I run around frantically trying places to find one with a Dyno in the ground that wont bottom out my lowered car. finally after taking my bumper off just to make the garage owner feel ok about testing my car, they come out with : "ok so we have some bad news...
so you failed three of the test areas."
they speculate that it could be i need a new Catalytic converter and or a new O2 Sensor. Hm.
From reading this i understand that if its going to cost more than $450 i can be exempt for 1 year. now does that include the labor or is it just the the parts???
and does anyone know if the car needing an oil change would have affected the outcome of the test in any way?
I am also thinking about picking up a used air intake to put on the car. I feel like it would help my chances.
what a nightmare.
Thanks in advance.
Johnny up the creek.

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