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By Angry (anonymous) | Posted November 12, 2009 at 12:26:00

According to CH, the fares will be raised by 15 cents showing the councils continued disregard for the people they are supposed to represent. Wonder why there was a loss in fare monies laste year? It's because it is already too much for too little! It is absolutely rediculous that the city can hope to help pull people out of poverty or even attempt to be even slightly environmentally sensitive while creating an ever-sprawling city but choking out any opportunties by dumping peoples ability to travel by holding them hostage with ever-increasing fares so they can build yet more roads, destroy more land make rediculous bids for games that will do nothing for the majority and cater to corporate special interest groups. Wanna know why we have no tree protection? Developers did not want it. Wanna know why Aerotropolis is still being pursued? Plenty of developer opportunities. No relief for transit? Corporate leaders would not be caught dead on a bus. This issue not only affects the poor but if given the choice, spending about $5 juswt to go to the mall and back on someone elses schedule where you may have to stand or deal with obnoxious riders, loud children etc. is not very appealing.

But don't worry, a poor desperate workforce is a great attractant for business right? A workforce who either give their paychecks to the bank to cover car payments or for their bus fare. I am sure they will still find a few pennies to buy Pan Am game tickets.

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