Comment 35343

By madmatt (anonymous) | Posted November 12, 2009 at 13:54:55

I hope this cheese shop actually has cheese in stock...
"Red Liecster?"
"Sorry, just sold the last bit sir."
"Double Glouster?"
"Not on a Tuesday."
"It's a bit runny."
"That's OK, I like it a bit runny."
"Ohh, the cat's been licking it."
"The world's most popular cheese!!"
"Not around here it isn't."
Actually I'm looking forward to the opening (I can see it from my kitchen window.
As for Starbucks, I'm not a big fan of the evil empire, but at least the employees acknowledge my presence unlike the other coffee shop on Locke where they tend to look right past you to chat to someone they know.

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