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By everywhere (anonymous) | Posted November 13, 2009 at 19:45:36

yes, great article i'm also connected very much with locke St and surroundings. I have taken snaps for sake of art. Yes, I'm an artist working hard to get established. Getting there.

I only read some replies but read your article though missed few. I am surprised of this pic festival i was in it. I was at The Hive with my yellow velo showing my art. I did get a snap or 2 from 2 photographers. i also snapped some of my own same time the Spec was there. Next to my spot were hoola hoops.

Ok, this place u mentiuoned is going to be a Cheeze Shop. I bet U it's that house that used to be Antique store correct? if so, I also asked about this. My friend (rather aquaintence) ran that business over a year ago closed maybe lot longer. Well ended up rental to live. I will wait for the Cheeze shop to open(if the place) and paint before/after) as I will many others. All the guy told me was it's going to be a store.

There is more news I made a promise not to tell. Kinda sad but potential for me Jan 1st.

BTW, some of my art can be seen inside The Hive across bad Dog cafe.

One last note...I almost had an art gallery on Locke St where that ice cream place is and it's also chocolates. now a pet Store til April(?)...

I am presently renting garage on Charlton/Walnut where I repair, sell used bikes, parts and do R&D with hpv's(human powered vehicles but I can't afford Locke St (yet). I don't want to compete with Pierik's though they knew what I was doing on Dundurn/Herkimer over 5 yrs ago.

I'm focusing more on my art though bikes is seasonal mostly yet more cyclists riding yr round like myself. Both have been way down for me this yr due to economic...crap!


I don't mind being "semi anonymous"

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