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By woody10 (registered) | Posted November 15, 2009 at 09:45:36

By Grassroots:

"I wonder if a vote went out to all the residents of Hamilton about having the pan am games here what the turn out would be? I would suspect that majority do not want these games here.

Too bad they did not do a referendum. A stadium is not the way to riches, neither are these games if you ask me."

I remember such a comment when the election was held about the expressway (not really but between the fors' and against) and the expressway went ahead full steam. i've always felt that those apposed to such large projects with, to me, obvious benefits, always tend to be the most boisterous as if they know the future.

The initial costs will be high but the lasting legacy will be incredible. Ivor Wynne has lasted how long? Jimmy Thompson pool?? I guess we should just stop spending money on anything to make our overly busy lives more fun, no more parks, no more bike paths etc. They all cost too much right??

All these things add to the quality of life for us. I am starting to take my kids to football games now, they are swimmers and hopefully one day will get to swim in the new pool to be built. The track, the velodrome.....

Ya, actually lets forget all about those things. Lets just add to Sam Merullas legacy and stick another traffic light in front of the Rheem plant so all those workers can cross that busy part of Barton safely.

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