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By michel (registered) | Posted November 15, 2009 at 20:14:28

i was absolutely overwhelmed when i saw an aerial photograph of the downtown on which parking lots had been made red features, and my promise to myself was to recreate such a map because of its shock value (a work in progress)

but in the immediate, before converting anything, we have to take care of the cars that use those parking lots

i have proposed to Bob Bratina (without any success - rather the opposite) that an immediate doubling of all parking rates be implemented as a City tax (now +/- $3.50/day), with those monies going to public transit and other amenities as described above

in parallel, believing that most parked cars belong to monthly users working downtown, i suggested a study be done of their points of origin/return

we would find that perhaps four, maybe five main routes are used by the majority of these commuters

strategically placed 'kiss-and-ride' stations with express shuttles would adequately serve that travelling population during peak hours, thus freeing the downtown lands for other use

furthermore, if the City was to enforce its tax collection as it should, more of these lands would come into public ownership for non-payment


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