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By Edb (anonymous) | Posted November 17, 2009 at 10:07:45

Having lived in Hamilton all my life(so far) and living around the corner from Locke in a house that has been in the family since 1969, I can honestly say the changes in the area are almost surreal. Any native Hamiltonian over the age of 25 will remember when Locke was essentially the "hood". Unless you were a biker, or a teenage gangster aspiring to be a biker, you stayed away. With all the changes I sometimes feel a fish out of water in my own neighborhood, however, it's much nicer to go for a walk, buy fresh meat and bread stopping for a chilled glass of vino then it is dodging street fights on your way through. Yes, I do prefer a bit more of the ol' Hamilton grit, but I'm not hypocritical enough to deny that I do enjoy some of the finer elements that come with a bit of gentrification. Can't wait to see what this long strange metamorphosis reveals.

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