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By Aalbaster Black (anonymous) | Posted November 17, 2009 at 10:14:00

I posted this in another thread, but this one is still active and the Centre on Barton make me angry.

While this may bring more shoppers from other parts of the city into a seriously depressed area, it does nothing to turn that area into a community. While Ottawa Street offers a certain level of community (as long as you don’t stray off the main path), the east end is without a place like Locke Street, Westdale, Hess Village or even Concession Street. Kenilworth is downright depressing.

This big box mall gives people no reason to get out of their cars and explore the neighbourhood and it give no reason for anyone in business to help turn streets (Barton and Kenilworth) full of boarded up businesses and check cashing storefronts (Drug dealers and prostitutes aside) into something vibrant. For many that don’t live in the area, it is a place where you drive through with windows rolled up and doors locked.

- Lifetime East End Tony.

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