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By by I wanna be a mayor (anonymous) | Posted November 17, 2009 at 22:35:09

You must understand that most of these posts do not question how a business achieves exposure in the marketplace. Sales personnel, trade magazines, donations, etc.

This is not what is being called into question here.
One can only draw a conclusion that the heighten activity is due in part to the self absorbed testimonials of this individual to which can only be described as historical rhetoric.

In any event.

The majority of these posts question the true meaning of your neighbour's intent.
Furthermore surfacing the unfounded accusations towards Ms. Chapman and attempting to use the media to accelerate opinion before we all weigh in.

More importantly the ability to use or connect to events/people for the sole purpose of posturing in a "Philanthropy" disguise that is being exposed at all levels to date.
I find it odd that such an individual would play this out in the media at the expense of Ms. Chapman.

However on the surface I am not surprised.

The cards are falling. This is not a form of positive exposure from a business perspective at all.

Leadership starts with "Lead not BIG."
Cash is short term.......integrity like Ms Chapman last a life time. Priceless.

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