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By sselway (registered) | Posted November 19, 2009 at 12:22:41

"Closest to the core" means downtown, not in a residential neighbourhood!

Urban neighbourhoods need support and protection. Constant, regular improvements to existing neighbourhoods, will bring people - singles, families, retired - all kinds of people, to LIVE in the urban core. That is also the tax base.

The PUBLIC process has housing going into the West Harbour in 2 sites, Barton-Tiffany and Pier 8, bringing more people to the core.

Downtown has much diversity, in people, housing, economically, etc. This only reflects our rich and varied history. The character of the neighbourhoods, and their relationship with the downtown core and the waterfront, needs to be protected and enhanced. Downtown neighbourhoods need to be "liveable communities" also!

To quote "Raise the Hammer":

Public mega-projects are almost always a bad idea, costing too much and delivering too little. They demolish neighbourhoods to bolster politicans' egos.

Strengthen our existing neighbourhoods - a stadium is not a link to the west harbour. It is a wall.

Sheri Selway

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