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By JM (registered) | Posted November 19, 2009 at 13:49:10


Residential neighbourhoods surround all parts that are "close to the core". Sure the Barton-Tiffany plan is great. But who will spend the money to clean up these brownfields and implement the plan? ...the city? A project like this is the best opportunity to clean it up, and shouldn't be seen as a big "mega-project" on its own. Jackson square was a mega project, the Red Hill is a mega project.

As for it being a "wall" to the waterfront? How so? This can be avoided as long as everything is designed and planned properly. A pedestrian bridge can easily take you over the tracks... if the stadium is built right up to Bay Street, then it already has a connection across the exisitng bridge.... which is also a direction connection to the proposed GO/VIA that will be East down Stuart.

This stadium CAN strengthen the neighbourhood as long as its done right. It will bring in people spending money for sporting events, and could be open to the community for other local sporting events or just general public use (more specifically the velodrome half). With community access, this complex will make this a more liveable community, where you can do things other than watch TV in your home.

Now i ask, where do you suggest it go? Please don't say near the airport... or Confederation Park. All that will generate will be parking spaces, and a single use stadium that the community wont use beyond ticat games (because you have to leave the city to get to it in your car)

I can't wait to take a walk by the bay after a football game! ...and say hello to people in their homes along the way.

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