Comment 356

By Ted Mitchell (registered) | Posted April 22, 2006 at 12:57:56

Either climate change is the biggest problem, or pollution is the biggest problem. Fight it out over your egos, and nothing ever gets done. Scientists who should have more humility and respect for their discipline have jumped on the bandwagon of western "binary" thought.

Many of the solutions for one problem are also the solutions for the other. Draw a Venn diagram for "things that reduce pollution" and "things that lessen the chance of global warming", and fast-track the proposals that meet both criteria.

Everyone wins something, and it buys time for collecting more data as to where to focus future resources.

Global warming is not primarily a scientific problem. The data is still too uncertain to be used predictively.

It is a moral question, as in "In the face of uncertainty, do you try to mitigate possible negative outcomes or hold on to tried and true methods of denial?"

Failed human civilizations have always chosen the latter. Many of the same people who laugh at them in hindsight are bearing the banner of moral denial for global warming.

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