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By hunter (anonymous) | Posted November 20, 2009 at 17:26:04

As I said before, I think the Dundurn area is a great idea. But I also expect it is impossible for one reason or another or it would have popped up on an official list by now. I'm not an engineer. But I imagine city staff have ruled that site out for cost/engineering reasons.

The Dundurn area is also for all intents and purposes my backyard. Does that bother me and my family? Hell no. I would like nothing better than to cover that dangerous parking lot and walk to games. And if the noise from so much happy activity were to "tax my endurance" ten years from now I would move somewhere I like better.

The harbour site is not perfect. But it is clearly the best alternative presented. Oh and Hamilton doesn't need more capacity than 30k. Montreal Alouettes just signed a twenty year lease for their 25k stadium. The Cats would be profitable at a sold out full price 25k per year. Eastern Conference audiences rarely exceed non-discounted 30k. Rogers Centre (the dome) was built for 500 million and sold recently for 25 million. If the occasional 50,000 audience U2 concert was so valuable it would be reflected in the price. They can't sell it out for the Jays; they can't sell it out for the Bills. Mass audiences are fracturing. We don't need another dome.

Anyway, try and think of what you can do for your city instead of... you know...

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