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By jason (registered) | Posted November 20, 2009 at 22:34:07

I live in one of the residential communities SW of the stadium site and I'd love nothing more than to see more people walking on the streets and helping to spur new businesses on York Blvd. And for the record, the Tiffany/Barton area has two official versions of the city's plan - one shows it all residential, the other shows a mix of residential with a stadium. The Pier 8 stadium site is likely the one some of you are remembering being completely removed from the plan...and still is.

There is zero opportunity for urban scale spinoff developments at Dundurn or the airport etc.... If you think the current Fortinos parking lot is bad, just watch and see the lot we get with a Dundurn or airport stadium.

If someone wants a beautiful waterfront view all to themselves, I'd suggest a nice lot in Muskoka, or even further north to avoid the crowds. A well planned stadium can be a catalyst in the urban area which is why virtually all new north american stadiums are downtowns. I realize Hamilton is one of the last bastions of sprawl-lovers who think that big box stores are some new rage that need to be jumped on by other cities as if we just discovered gold, but even here we should be able to get this right.....maybe.....

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