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By Joe and Henry (anonymous) | Posted November 21, 2009 at 11:32:04

There are some good ideas here. I never thought of the Fortino's plaza, but there are some real advantages to that. I think the West Harbour plan is the strongest of the possible ones so far for many reasons: transportation (rail and highway), proximity to the core, and the clean-up of one of our numerous brownfields. I am at a loss however, as to why the current area of the stadium is not being considered. It definitely gives ambience to the game nights when you walk through a community to go to a game. If you have ever been to Arsenal in London, its a very similar look and feel. It seems like there are a few options - We could blow away the former Scott Park for the good of the city (sorry all you alumni) and build the stadium there. It would be close to the LRT and still in a central location. What is the deal with Consumer Glass (formerly Dominion Glass) on Gage, north of Barton? This needs to be cleaned up. Couldn't we build it there. It would be right on a rail line, and steps from Burlington St./QEW? I know the backdrops are not as picturesque, since TSN never gets tired of showing pix of the mills. Maybe I'm living in a world of make-believe, but something has to be done about this area. These factories and jobs are never coming back.

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