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By Really? (registered) | Posted November 23, 2009 at 13:10:32


RE: Vehicle Access, I was on the 279 during a Penguins game, and that Highway was backed up for an hour!

So regardless of how much highway access there is to an event/stadium/arena, you're going to encounter increased traffic! Especially if there's an ultra-convenient expressway at it's doorstep. Who WOULDN'T want to take it!?

Give people options: LRT, Walking, Cycling, HSR TiCat Express Buses, as well as driving.

Build some Parking Garages along Barton St with Street-front retail (cafe, bar, small restaurant...anything that will get used more than on game days). Put the Cdn Football Hall/Fame in the Stadium with Barton St, make it a destination with Modern Hall of Fame exhibits. Promote the Hell out of it on TSN, especially during CFL Games. TiCats Store could be moved here; As well as TigerTown Bar & Grill (or Grille if you want to get fancy).

Like... the options are endless, the potential is just rediculous! All of this, connected with Bayfront Parks which also Connects to Westdale via Waterfront Trail, connecting to Piers 8-9 WINGFEST, 'waterfront piazza', Guise St Retail. Parking Parking Parking down here! TiCat Trolley from Piers 8-9/Eastwood Park to Barton/Stuart.

...The ideas are endless!!

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