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By Really? (registered) | Posted November 23, 2009 at 16:16:10

Well, seeing as one of the OpEds was from a Grimsby resident who a) Doesn't live in Hamilton, and/or b) Has NEVER lived in Hamilton, it just goes to show how serious The Spec is about creating a serious, educated debate over Stadium Location.

Instead of wasting time griping about Spec OpEds, I agree we should all be talking with Friends, Colleagues & Family as to where they would like the Stadium and why. Give them some ideas, allow them to think, and they'll likely continue the debate with their friends/family/colleagues. It's a big issue that affects us all; no matter if you're a TiCat fan or not, you know what Oskee Wee Wee means! People care about this issue!

No one really reads the OpEds anyway, since they're pretty tucked away. The only times I'm ever aware is if they're published on this site!

I had an awesome discussion with several people I had never met before (Bandwagon Jumpers) at the last TiCat game re: Stadium Location. Shockingly, Parking was always the main issue. When I asked how they arrived, and the majority of them said TiCats express --their attitudes (seemingly) changed.

Present people with alternatives, don't shove your opinions down their throats, and they will (likely) listen. Also, use examples (ie: Pittsburgh vs Buffalo, er, I mean Orchard Park).

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