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By Henry and Joe (anonymous) | Posted November 24, 2009 at 23:12:36

I agree that we need more hotel space. It would be great to have the Connaught returned to its rightful place as a prestigious hotel. A 5 star hotel in Hamilton at this point, however, is a bit of a stretch. The word on the street is that banks like conventional buildings in conventional markets. The Connaught is niether. I don't think that means we throw in the towel and take any use as better than nothing. There is no reason why this building can't be converted to a 3.5 or four star hotel. The city needs to put gentle pressure on the current ownership group to actually build something instead of waiting for more government handouts. They have the money to finance the renaissance of this building, but choose not to do it. Harry Stinson had a great plan, but couldn't get the funds. Unfortunately, the City Council has endorsed this conversion to public housing. With any luck, the banks will pass on bankrolling a $40 million renovation of a building which, under the current plan, would have little collateral value. In the meantime, we should all write to our local mpp as well as the Minsiter of Housing and Municipal Affairs, Jim Watson, to express our reservations about the Connaught projfect.

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