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By A Smith (anonymous) | Posted November 25, 2009 at 22:46:11

z jones, I'm not asking people to give me their money, Ryan and Jason are. If they want to take people's hard earned money and spend it on LRT, they should have to provide at least ONE reason explaining how the LRT will bring thousands more people to live and shop downtown. Have they done this? NO. They haven't.

Ryan and Jason believe that just because richer cities can afford to spend money on LRT, it means that spending money on LRT will make Hamilton richer. That's like saying to a janitor that if he borrows money to buy a sports car, he will magically get richer. Flawed logic.

All I'm asking for is ONE reason why thousands more people will live and shop downtown Hamilton if they can ride on the LRT rather than a bus? They may get downtown five minutes faster, but if the downtown is still filled with poverty once they get there, why will they return?

If the LRT was a good idea, Ryan and Jason would be able to explain why this is. But they can't. You then have to ask yourself, why should I trust someone who can't back up their claims?

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