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By g. (anonymous) | Posted November 26, 2009 at 00:03:57

i really like this idea. and i don't take public transit and i pay for parking in a municipal lot downtown. it is ridiculous how cheap it is to park downtown. with a monthly pass it is $2 a day! and if you live downtown it is $1!

by the way, parking rates in the city lot i park in just went up by 20 percent last month and i still think raising rates is a good idea. just make sure they raise the assessments on private parking lots to reflect what the property would be worth if it had a fully occupied three or four storey building on it while they are at it. it should be more expensive to own a parking lot than the same size lot with a building on it. parking lots have huge social costs associated with them. otherwise it will be parking lots forever downtown for us. no one will develop property that they are making a killing parking cars on.

the more i think about it the stranger it is to me that the city even owns parking lots.

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