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By JonC (registered) | Posted November 26, 2009 at 17:24:57

Capitalist, there are two factors in there a) money. If you can't figure that out you're the world's worst capitalist. Make sure to take into account, capital outlay, maintenance, fuel, parking, insurance, maintaining surface or structural parking, etc. That's going to be significantly more than a pass in most cases. b) time. You're assuming a travel time four times longer by rail. Obviously you created that out of thin air. I'll postulate that there are instances where light rail would be quicker than driving. Even in a case where it might still make sense for someone to drive to work, it might be beneficial to that individual to catch the rail to another urban destination during the work day. I used to hope on the TTC at lunch when I worked in Toronto to run errands or go shopping. I can guarantee that was easier than walking to the parking lot, paying a full days pass, going up three flights of stairs, driving somewhere else, parking, walking down three flights of stairs, doing whatever, paying again, up the stairs again, drive back to the original lot and park down more stairs. In that case, the TTC is significantly quicker and about $20 cheaper. So, I'm not sure why four was the magical ratio you chose, but good work picking a random number. You should have went big with 400 or so. No imagination.

As for Smith, we've covered numerous times that the actual dollar figure of taxation for Toronto and Hamilton are within statistical normalcy and less than all the other surrounding suburbs, you stupid jackass. Please go unplug your mother's modem.

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