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By jonathan dalton (registered) | Posted November 26, 2009 at 17:30:14

Not taking '4 times as long' literally, also taking into account that the 'wait by the side of the road' part means 5 minutes, and cold weather is a fact of life here, it's not hard to find reasons.

-The fare may be cheaper than the gas it takes to drive -Your wife, husband or kid may be using the car -You want to sell the second car and keep more money in your pocket -You're going to downtown or McMaster where the fare is cheaper than parking -Walking to the light rail stop may be a pleasant walk, allowing you to stop and grab a coffee and enjoy the cool evening air. -Imagine you're really into a book at the time and don't get time to sit down and read. Can't do that in traffic. -Maybe you're just getting sick of the cost of car repairs, gas and insurance, sick of sitting in traffic, dealing with bad drivers, or even realize the stupidity of one person in every car taking up all this space on the road - I sure did.

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