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By g. (anonymous) | Posted November 27, 2009 at 17:08:57


in order for lrt to be worth while it need not just compete with cars. it can instead very powerfully INDUCE travel, much in the same way that 400 series highways have over the last 40 years induced BILLIONS of miles of travel.

it never occurs to people who have driven all their lives that some people are forced into having to commute via car and would gladly avoid the bother of car ownership to hop on a train or subway because it is easier. it also never occurs to them that all the people who would love to live in a dense urban environment with relatively robust public transit and all the associated benefits that grew up in hamilton or came to hamilton for post secondary education do so by moving the hell out of hamilton. they are not sitting at home waiting for one day for the city to get with it. people adapt and do what they have to.

i agree that for the majority of the CURRENT population of the city that lrt will simply not be an everyday option. but over time buildings will be built, jobs will relocate, students will stay, people will start living and working and playing near an lrt stop. the lrt will create its own demand. the same way the QEW did 40 years ago. do you think people commuted from hamilton to richmond hill everyday in 1972?

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