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By Mahesh P. Butani -- http://metrohamilton (anonymous) | Posted November 28, 2009 at 01:27:36

Tammany, here we go again!

>>> What a load of hyperbolic crap. Do you have any understanding at all of the Afghanistan situation?
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>>> As for the whole military industrial complex thing, the Afghan war was not initiated just to line the pockets of defense contractors... That is pretty obvious. – Comment Score: 0 (2 votes)

I was going to let this pass - but feel compelled to comment here, after seeing the voting score in response to your remarks and your flippant attempt at political commentary.

Having read your diatribe on the Royal Connaught issue earlier, and its fallout, I believe this is now becoming more like a Tammany "Situation" – something that I don't claim to understand fully, as yet. :-)

You seem to thrive on dragging down any and all kinds of issues put forth by writers on RTH with your vitriolic zeal – and upon which you then stand shedding light with your contrarian insights.

Your understanding of Afghanistan is ironically circumscribed by our own choice of the worn out and tattered cliché: "SITUATION". A lame appendage tagged on to rationalize the tragic condition of a culture and land which has been systematically battered and decimated by an arrogant value system.

Hiding behind a corny screen identity, you feel empowered to shoot arrows at shadows - very much like those who create smoke in foreign lands to screen their agenda.

The Afghanistan "Situation" as you put it, is less about wars and the human-rights legalese designed to obfuscate it's very meaning, or about lives taken and given to the noble cause of taming barbaric cultures – as much as it is about transnational businesses on steroids which have little time for trivialities like truth or conscience.

My concerns are not your attempt at political commentary here. You will on your own someday realize the virtues of shedding your mask to reveal your identity - and thereby find a truer and more tempered voice that factors in a broader understanding of events and intentions.

My concerns here are the logic behind the votes on RTH, as I am afraid that it is this kind of voter logic - on serious issues, that will define our city's future in the coming election. The very same voter logic that the transnationals confidently count on in their many adventures to tame savage cultures!

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