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By grassroots are the way forward (registered) | Posted November 30, 2009 at 04:24:22

off topic people, sorry, but message to

Councillor Bratina: Word from the trenches is that those who are on ODSP are being denied access to the Christmas Hampers? It would seem we have many "SCROOGES", who work in and around the system.

Please explain this? Why is there MEANS testing going on? WE, the CAWDB, who presented had concerns about this funding that went out to Food Share, and the plan from the Emergency Food Planning Committee, as there is n plan in the future to move away from ths model.

Since the food banks hours are not as consistant through the month of December, please explain, who the city is helping so many that go hungry?

Where is the transparency and accountablility for the 500,000 that has gone to food share, yet so many in our community go hungry?

Yet it seems that we have tons of money to fund those who sit at the top, those the senior managers, who are the many who are in the "sunshine club". Yes it seems that, as a community, we give to a few, while the majority go without! Then of course , it is others who blame those a the bottom, when it is those at the top, who have caused much of the suffering we see.

And I won't back down!

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