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By frank (registered) | Posted November 30, 2009 at 10:14:23

Mahesh, so according to you this statement has merit then?

"The NATO occupying forces in combination with the Karzai government may have achieved what would seem to be impossible - to create a regime worse for the average Afghan than was the previous Taliban regime."

I would encourage you to take a visit or perhaps talk to some Afghan refugees - I think that you'll find it is in fact hyperbolic and a load of poo. It seems that it's relatively easy for you to promote theories and the exact same sort of crap others do...just on the opposite side of the argument - at least in this case (generally you're comments are quite decent although it seems you enjoy using your thesaurus).

This article and the issue we're discussing IS in fact the alleged torture of Canadian detainees. That's it, that's all. Allegations made by a diplomat, I might add. Allegations that are difficult to prove it seems.

You attack the logic of those who are voting on comments but I would suggest that they support the evidence as we can see so far. One side says you did, the other says we didn't. Both have high powered diplomats and "evidence" to support their argument creating a stalemate of sorts. Just because people didn't rush out to judgement and call for heads to roll doesnt necessarily mean they condone torture, they may in fact be waiting for more evidence to surface before making a decision as to whether the Canadian military should be held responsible for something that may have been out of their hands.

I also think you're drawing a very very very very tenuous line between the war in Afghanistan and upcoming municipal elections. Raising transit fares is nothing like sending troops to foreign countries. Municipal politicians have no say in other levels of parliament except to ask for more money.

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