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By madmatt (anonymous) | Posted December 01, 2009 at 10:22:50

We really do need to spread out the social services in Hamilton to beyond just the core. With the current economic downturn our poverty issues are rampant in the east end and, heaven forbid, THE MOUNTAIN!!! The relocation of the shelter on Ferguson needs to be addressed if any progress is to be made in the Beasley 'hood. On a (hopefully) high note, the south end of this site, where the old factory was on Robert, is to be developed as townhouses. We have also had a couple of new houses built on Wellington St N. We love this neighborhood; we raised our 2 daughters here and our grand daughter is the next generation. We have done many improvements to our home over the years and we have no intent to bail. As we've always said, this neighborhood has been beaten down so far for so long that it can only get better.
On a side note, I think all new building sites and developments should have architects drawings posted to let people know whats going in and what it will look like.

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