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By madmatt (anonymous) | Posted December 01, 2009 at 11:42:42

Hey Tammany, as a resident of Beasley who has long been displeased with the inaction of City Hall to address zoning and poverty issues, let alone property by-law enforcement for dilapidated buildings and vacant lots, I would certainly support a civil suit of sorts. It truly appears that is the only way to get attention from City Hall, unless you are a developer of course.
Another site I'd like to see some action on is the old Plastimet site, now Jackie Washington park. They did a great job of remediating the property, but other than the basketball court, which gets plenty of use, there is not much else. There definitely needs to be a playground or splash pad. Considering that most of the land is sloped and bisected by a fenced off rail line, this could be an excellent location for a leash free dog park (I don't own or even care much for dogs myself, but I can see the need for a park for them to run in).

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