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By grassroots are the way forward (registered) | Posted December 02, 2009 at 23:56:38

Mr Strickland presentation was uplifting. It was his own experiences that were awe inspiring.

His message was one that goes against the many comments that I have read not only here but in other places about those who struggle. His words that everyone is an asset and not a liability, is in opposition to many comments that the poor are lazy, that is it their fault, that they should be bulldozed out of the city.

The current system views people as a liability, not assets just look at the Ontario Works system. The many dead end programs, that lead no where, the fact that the focus is on pushing you into precarious or minimum wage jobs, where your rights as a worker are not taken into consideration. Where you are penalized for trying to earn wages, trying to break the cycle.

We must also focus on the fact that a year pass since the introduction of the province's poverty reduction strategy, in which nothing has moved forward. The province's Ontario Child Benefits has proven to either have families getting less money then before or only gaining around .66 cents per month, is telling.

What I find simply abominable, is that many of the agencies do not speak out, they adhere to the very policies that keep people in poverty because they will lose their funding. We need to move away from their "poverty industry" and get some new and fresh ideas from new people into the mix.

Maybe the Jobs Prosperity Colleraboration should of included those voices from the grassroots, those who truly advocate for real change.

The only thing to fear is fear itself and for those bodies who are to afraid to speak out, please move out of the way and let the voices of the people come through.

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