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By Roland (registered) | Posted December 06, 2009 at 02:39:07

Limeridge Mall sucked the life out of downtown Hamilton. People can argue the semantics of various factors which may or may not have had some contributing factors but this fact is irrefutable not too many people had any reason to make their way to Limeridge and Upper Wentworth before the mall was built... and tonight it was tough to get a parking spot there.

The core, Jackson Square etc. needs to reinvent itself so people have a reason to visit. Mass retail shopping is not going to accomplish a revitalized core.

Downtown has to offer a unique experience with a value proposition giving people a reason to attend. The value could be in food, culture, entertainment, employment, education, sports, music, art, theatre, history, living, transportation etc... It will not be any one of these mentioned areas of interest but a combination of all of them and more that will fast forward the gentrification of downtown.

It is the city council's responsibility to encourage, foster, support and take action to allow for revitalization to happen at a reasonable pace and waiting almost 20+ years and counting is not acceptable.

Downtown Hamilton at some point in time in the distant future, will be vibrant again but not because of anything the "City Of Hamilton" has done but in spite of the "City Of Hamilton's" impotence. The reality is, as Toronto and surrounding areas become financially impossible for people to live and work, they will come here to live and set up business.

Why do we have to wait when we have the opportunity now! Hamilton's irony is for all the time politicians and special interest groups take to make "good" decisions, they have not made the city any better. Would the City be any worse if the politicians and special interest groups had not taken part in any decisions... I am not sure but the results couldn't be much worse?

Put a 2 term limit on city councillors so they can concentrate on leaving Hamilton in a better situation than when they started, instead of councillors worrying about getting re-elected because they never plan on leaving council therefore not having to concentrate on making the city a better place than before they first got elected!

I am not sure if the last paragraph makes sense but it’s late and I am starting to rant... I hope you get my point anyways.

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