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By jason (registered) | Posted December 07, 2009 at 10:01:04

yes, I know that, however when you look at the video fly through simulation or the floorplans, the main corner doors that used to lead into the market are still the only doors leading into the market from York (other than the small entry on the west side of the market). I can see where the street-facing wall will slide open, but what is it sliding open to?? From what I can tell it's sliding open to that long hallway that connects the library to the market. In other words, it's completely disconnected from the interior of the market. We really should have spent the extra money to level off that ramp and bring the market to street level so that we could truly open it to the street.

On another note, I had an idea recently after enjoying several meals along the outdoor patio section of the St Lawrence Market that wraps around the south market building in TO.

The rooftop of our market should have had a collection of cafes/ restaurants with large patios. I realize that would have been more money, but perhaps it will be looked at in the future.

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