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By Really? (registered) | Posted December 07, 2009 at 12:52:23

Logic Doesn't Exist in Hamilton, ESPECIALLY with our joke group of City Councilors!

They're all so closed-minded it's sad, really. They can't even put their head around an idea if it doesn't meet their ideology. Prime example is Lloyd Ferguson who was all "Never; No Way, No How!" about Light Rail UNTIL he was able to see/ride one for himself!

I wouldn't doubt if most Hamilton City Councilors have never even left this City and can't imagine anything outside of a One-Way Express Utopia of Parking.

This is why we need... NEED to promote change in 2010. This is an Election Year, and Council needs to know that just sitting around promoting status-quo, using neo-conservative tactics to scare the less-informed voters away from real progress is just not going to fly anymore!

Get your brooms out, Hamilton! It's High-Time for a clean-sweep at our Cement Hall.. Er, City Mall.. errrr, I mean City Hall!

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