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By frank (registered) | Posted December 07, 2009 at 17:31:00

Ryan I think you're also missing my point. While that should always be the goal that doesn't eliminate the people who are abusing the system currently in place and will continue to do so. The rest of my posts should belie my opinion in that regard.

Creating an environment that allows citizens to thrive doesn't guarantee that they will. There are more factors involved than society and the system involved happens to be part of the problem.

High quality public education healthcare and social programs are available to everyone not just the middle class. The employment opportunites are also available keeping in mind that no one I know got a high paying office job as a first job. My first paying job was delivering newspapers and Sears catalogues - something that's spit on by job seekers these days.

The notion that everyone is entitled to a well paying job regardless of their drive and motivation to improve themselves and the world they live in is assinine, contrary to common sense and just as dangerous as the alternative. I don't want an selfish egomaniac running the company I work for or any department in the city. Then again, that's probably why we have the politicians we're "blessed" with and also most likely the reason we're in this mess anyway - a sense of entitlement rather than a desire to make their constituency a better place.

You speak of these entitlements, I don't view them as entitlements...I worked for them and to me that's something I earned.

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