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By Tammany (anonymous) | Posted December 07, 2009 at 19:51:17

"The notion that everyone is entitled to a well paying job regardless of their drive and motivation to improve themselves and the world they live in is assinine, contrary to common sense and just as dangerous as the alternative."

I actually agree with this. The idea of entitlement in this respect simply isn't sustainable.

Ryan, there is no question that you are right when you refer to the perpetuation of class through various advantages of environment, lineage, etc. but it's probably somewhat overreaching to term these "unearned subsidies". In most cases, middle class status was achieved by one or more members of a family through entrepreneurial success, education, or something of that nature. The advantages concomitant with such success are thereafter solidified/consolidated by subsequent descendants or they are dissipated.

If you look at the history of most middle class (and above) families you will often find that there was one ancestor - a generation or two or three ago - who started a business, became a professional, got a good job, etc. which in turn raised his/her immediate standard of living and in turn provided certain advantages to his/her descendants. Those advantages, if exploited, help to ensure the perpetuation of a certain standard of living, and in some cases, act as a springboard for an improvement in that standard. The old adage "the rich get richer" is largely accounted for by this phenomenon (as is the other half of that adage, given that economic opportunity is not infinite).

So yes, middle class people, with all their advantages and "unearned subsidies" are opportunity hoarders.

This is an unfortunate state of affairs, insofar as it means the perpetuation of disadvantage amongst other sectors of society, but it is not per se unfair.

In most cases, it is, and always has been, possible to break out of poverty and disadvantage. The son or daughter of a poor family will always have to work harder than someone from a more affluent background, but if he or she achieves success, his or her descendants may enjoy an easier life.

I don't think anyone could sanely protest the ability of an individual to confer advantage upon his or her offspring.

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