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By Mahesh P. Butani -- http://metrohamilton (anonymous) | Posted December 08, 2009 at 02:27:43


Michael starts his article with: "…whatever is begun in anger ends in shame."

I am sure you will agree that this is a relevant starting point to many things in life.

I saw your angry dismissive comments here and on earlier discussions on RTH as a pattern - which in my opinion failed to enhance those discussions. Hence - my reference to “Situation” in connection to your screen name.

Why Flippant? Because – although you are entitled to your views, in my opinion, your comments lacked proper respect or seriousness; your observations lacked depth that these topic deserve.

The whole point of the comment feature on most Blogs including RTH is to - expand discussions by advancing proof, and not to disagree by being consistently disagreeable.

The complexities of events and the intrigue engulfing Afghanistan have been addressed with respect in various forums. Some as below remind us that we may never get to know the whole story:

[ // ]
[ // ]
[ // ]
[ // ]

My intent was not to work you into a frenzy over this topic. There are many more critical issues facing Hamilton.

Ad hominem happens, often! But I do hope from above that you recognize - that it does take much more to be a political commentator or a blogger - than merely exercising ones right to comment or vote on political topics by agreeing, disagreeing or being disagreeable.

Had I personally attacked you to undermine your arguments, I would be guilty of committing Ad hominem. However, I did make myself very clear by stating that your political commentary was not my concern. Although your delivery was an issue - more importantly, it was the voting logic on RTH that was of greater concern to me.

Would you agree that by reacting the way you did to my comments - you now stand guilty of committing an “Ad hominem tu quoque”?

I think that a Blog such as RTH is a powerful tool for critical community engagement in times when our traditional media is trying to rediscover its centre – Hence my observations of your delivery and my concern with the voter logic here.

So would you mind if I suggest that we read the book below * - and revisit this topic with some fresh insights on the concerns I have raised?

* “Watching the Watchdog: Bloggers as the Fifth Estate” ~ By Stephen D. Cooper, Marshall University

“This book "is scrupulously detailed" and its "comprehensive analysis of bloggers' capacity to compete on agenda-creation as well as to critique and affect the mainstream media's agenda-setting, framing, spinning and accuracy on major national and international issues is simply superb... and exquisitely researched work..." —Richard E. Vatz

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