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By geoff's two cents (anonymous) | Posted December 09, 2009 at 00:57:08

Grassroots, you're being unfair with regard to Meredith's original comments. You wrote:

"Your calls for cosmetic changes have been done over and over again throught the years but then you would not know that since being here in Hamilton only for a couple of years."

Grassroots, any outside observer with a fresh set of eyes will tell you that there is virtually no property standards reinforcement in the city to speak of. There are no teeth attached. Having a cleaner, healthier downtown with buildings not infested by pigeons and cockroaches, and in which property owners are not allowed to get away with such negligence, would benefit everyone, including the people on social assistance that you are concerned for.

Bringing up Meredith's earlier, and more controversial, comments on the Connaught also seems to have little bearing on her initial post here. I read her comments on this article as an effort to find some sort of middle ground that everyone could agree on across the political spectrum.

I had to undo my comment threshold of "O" to read your posts, Grassroots. A. Smith, who is known far and wide for his/her trolling on RTH, effectively no longer has an audience. I would suggest, before you start stereotyping, name-calling, and pigeonholing everyone you disagree with into the caricature of a poor-hating, cold-blooded capitalist, that you make it a practice to read the posts here more carefully, and also get into the habit of responding in ways that are less polarizing, more constructive, and more respectful - if only to keep your threshold above "O" so that people like myself will actually hear what you have to say.

Your counterperspective is often helpful; it would be a shame if poor online manners prevented it from being heard.

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