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By Mr. Meister (anonymous) | Posted December 09, 2009 at 21:17:33

Jackson Square was opened in the very early seventies. It was a product of the late sixties, a time when the core was a very bustling place even with, or, maybe because of the one way streets. It did well enough that the Eaton Centre was constructed a few years later just in time for the big turn around. I walked along King and Barton and James Streets many an hour. Life is different now get over it. I understand being nostalgic about a different time but ...

I do not remember when the streets were converted to one way but it was quite a while before the late sixties early seventies. Have you driven James South lately? Have you walked there? I drive it almost every day to get up the hill what a disaster it is. Two way street has resulted in cars racing from light to light. Pedestrians crossing when traffic is coming from one direction or the other because there is never a lull. I know you hate the green wave but remember between every green wave was a red wave which stopped virtually all traffic. It is ok to not like one way streets, many people never can get the hang of them and it drives them crazy. (my mom was one)Just do not turn them into something they are not. Address the issue for what it is. If traffic speed is the issue there is no better way to control speed than one way streets. Simply set the green wave for whatever speed the populace wants. Pretty easy is it not? Lets put it to a referendum and see what the people of the city want. I will happily live with whatever the majority decides. After all the city is for everyone is it not? What speed do you think would be the most popular? 25KPH? 30? 35? ...
(no a poll on this blogging site does not count it would not get a valid cross section of the populace)

It is not a problem of one way streets it is a problem that peoples needs are being met in different ways in different places. Look at Hess St how it has developed itself. It was a one way street still is did not stop it from becoming a destination. I am just glad it is not in my neighbourhood.

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