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By everywhere (anonymous) | Posted December 10, 2009 at 19:24:34

re: 2 way streets....

Some say it's a bad change like "from the frying pan into the fire" so to speak.

One way is looking only one way before crossing IF you're a pedestrian...but, 2 way U look both ways...walk/cycle nudge , then back again. Cars suddenly turning a corner either left/right or both it's almost impossible to cross.
And lot more drivers! I want top see cross walks like they do in TO should/would solve this problem. U point & walk across. I lived in TO before they introduced this idea.

And if we suggest to people who "MUST" drive, then most don't want to pay parking. They don't want to walk. I used to drive (TO, stopped)but used to carry bike on rack on car but strange thing I got many weird looks as was a rare thing back then. I'd park (or try to) then use bike. I suppose I used common sense in two ways because I was always active and hated being in car too long. Or park and walk though on many occassions forgot where I parked whatever vehicle I drove.....or was towed away(?)...

And guess what! I noticed more places to shop and I spent $$ more then than now though I do more walking, running but mostly cycling...

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